• Providing counseling in Concord and Benicia for individuals, couples, and families

    Help with Life's Journey


    Are you in a "caterpillar" stage of life?  You sense you could be more, but you find yourself limited by negative thoughts and/or overwhelming emotions.


    Or are you in a "chrysalis" stage?  Your whole life seems to have disintegrated into nothing recognizable, and you are struggling to make sense of it all.


    Or are you about to launch into a whole new way of being, but struggling to "unfurl your new wings"?


    Whether you are stuck as a "caterpillar meant to be a butterfly" or feeling overwhelmed by the process of a "caterpillar becoming a butterfly", I provide a compassionate, collaborative, and supportive environment in which to heal, grow, and move on to a fuller and more meaningful life.

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